Using the analysis tools

Pro8's analysis tools help highlight key points in videos.

The video below shows a demonstration of how these tools work.


  • They key concept to remember is that almost all the tools use the sequence of mouse-down, drag, release.
  • One exception is the 'Measure angle' tool, which is mouse down, drag, release, move mouse, click.
  • Measuring a time or angle doesn't need a calibration process but measuring distance does. This is because the software has no idea of the size of what is showing in the video unless you tell it.
  • To calibrate, choose the 'Calibrate' button, then click on each end of an item you know the real world length of.

Accuracy notes:

  • To avoid perspective/depth errors, your calibration object must be in the same plane as your action. With running, for example, it must be on the track underneath where the feet will strike. You can’t have it on the wall behind the runner.
  • To increase accuracy make the calibration object, e.g. two cones, as far apart as possible.
  • The camera cannot move.

You also have colour, thickness, undo and delete tools so make sure you take time to try them all.



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