What is Time Shifting?

Time shifting allows athletes or patients to see what they just did without having to press stop, rewind or pause. It’s basically holding video in memory and playing it back some time later.

A typical scenario might be someone doing a squat. They can do it in front of the mirror and get real-time feedback of their front but, with a camera, laptop and Pro8 set up to one side, they can also get a replay of their lift from the side without even having to move. They just execute the lift, then turn to the laptop and wait for their movement to come on screen. They can now repeat the lift with the feedback they gained from the time-shifted video.

For even more power, Pro8 can be put in full-screen mode, making the video larger and without onscreen distractions. The full-screen button is found in the lower right of the screen.

This video gives you a demonstration of how time-shifting it works.

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